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At Northants Physiotherapy we want to help you understand why your body is sore, hurting and preventing you from doing the things you enjoy the most in life. We offer a functional approach to your problem with our goal being to help you achieve yours. We accomplish this in two ways; Diagnosis Treatment and Pain Management.

Now, when we say 'functional', we mean that we will address the cause of your pain through diagnosis as opposed to merely treating your painful condition. This means that we devise ways to offer you an understanding of how your whole body functions and how certain problems can impact other regions of your body. In addition we will explore how the things that you feel and believe about your current experiences can impact your body function and we aim to address those as well through Pain Management strategies.

Ultimately our goal is to help you change how you see and use your body. We will help you to understand how the way you do things may be causing your pain. We will give you the tools needed and the knowledge to return to normal and efficient movement.

A physiotherapist is a coach who can empower you with the knowledge, movement and awareness needed to make the changes in your own body. As such, we are simply guides in your own healing process as you transform to live with a healthier, more active body. We will help you with your symptoms using hands-on techniques and acupuncture but the greatest success occurs when you are an active participant in your treatment program.

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