Pain Management

Pain in its essence is there to tell us that something is not quite right and we need to take action. In most of us this essential warning sign will disappear as the problem affecting us improves and we can resume our normal lives and activities.

At its worst however, long standing pain robs from our productivity, our ability to perform the most basic things such as picking our children up, enjoying our sport or even spending quality time with our friends and family, affecting our overall well being.

Pain is a complex perception which will affects people very differently even though they may present with identical issues or injuries. It can affect our mood, how we perceive ourselves, reduce our self confidence, leaving us helpless and without a hope in sight.

The source of pain in chronic condition often alludes you if not confuse you. You know where you feel pain but you may wonder Why you have it regularly or constantly and Why it will not go away. Most of the time it is hard to determine where the pain is coming from, it will move , shift from left to right, up and down without any reason, leaving you bemused and frustrated. You are still in control of your body even though you cannot be in control of your pain and its consequences.

Typical conditions we can help with

What we can do